Gicl’ee Printing became a part of our services when the owner and artist Jimmy D. McDonald started searching for companies to make copies of his original artwork. “I spent 3 years trying out different companies and numerous hours researching and learning about the process.” As a veteran sign-maker, printing has been in our business for years, technology has changed the way we do it. “I wanted to find a printer that could serve the sign business and most importantly provide the highest quality fine art prints available. There are a lot of printers out there… going to trade shows and contacting researchers that test the different equipment – helped and I finally settled on purchasing the same equipment that the Chicago Museum of Fine Art uses Epson printers.” Printmaking is fun and It’s a joy providing a service that helps other people market their work. What started out as a way to market my own work has turn into another way to help others in their own passions.

A giclee (pronounced zhee-clay) is a French word meaning “fine spray”. It is the finest method of art reproduction available today, a marriage of art and technology created by the spraying of an image onto a surface such as fine art paper, canvas, or even vinyl. Giclees enable art lovers an affordable option to expensive original art while increasing an artist’s saleable inventory. A giclee print can be made in a variety of sizes to suit the needs and pocketbook of prospective collectors. Original art giclees require the artist’s input and color approval on the “proof” before the edition is produced to ensure tone, depth and color accuracy. The finished print reflects every nuance of the original painting whether watercolor, acrylic, or oil and has gained wide acceptance from both artists and galleries.

In addition to fine art reproduction, giclees can be made of treasured family photographs. Printing the photo onto fine art paper or even canvas can impart an heirloom quality. Some problems such as tears or red eye in the original photo can be corrected before printing; however, the quality of the giclee will only be as good as the original image from which it’s made.

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